Service Options

We provide the necessary IT maintenance services to ensure the proper functioning and security of your IT infrastructure, we can assist our customers remotely and face-to-face, we adapt to their needs and possibilities.
Maintenance contract, for a small monthly fee we offer remote and face-to-face assistance without limit, without moving or frights.

Service hours Bags, are hour packages with discount on the standard price/hour, It also includes displacement.

Invoicing by the hour and by the day, our customers can ask us for services for specific needs, whether due to a specific breakdown or the need to have a qualified technician available for the day.

– We have different profiles of technicians, to give the best solution to every need, we have qualified technicians for the repair and maintenance of printers, servers, microinformatics, cabling and networks, System technicians, helpdesk, our technicians are used to having fluent conversations in English, so we fit perfectly into companies that have their helpdesk services outsourced abroad and need hands and eyes to solve incidents that cannot be solved remotely,

– We work with large IT services companies at national level, providing them with greater capillarity and quality of service to their clients.