Outsourcing Service

Many companies need punctual solutions, either for a complex implementation or development, or for covering periods when by their own means they cannot take on the workload in the IT area, leave, vacations, etc. In these cases the outsourcing of the service or outsourcing is more appropriate instead of hiring personnel for this purpose, we are specialized in covering these services, with highly qualified seconded technicians, who present many advantages and benefits.


It is more useful in comparison with the recruitment of staff. Outsourcing is faster, more specialized and more flexible.


It avoids the risk of unavailability and inadequate performance that can be achieved through direct recruitment.

Personnel management

Avoiding the contracting company having to do the supervisory function, since we take care of this. In this way, we also get to know how the service works, the availability and measure the quality of the service.

Total Availability

We eliminate the factor of unavailability for holidays or any other reason.