Maintenance of IT systems

The best option to solve a problem is anticipate it, for this at Akron we offer a comprehensive IT maintenance service which includes an initial audit, the preparation of an audit report with proposals for improvement and tuning of IT equipment and continuous monitoring, in addition our customers under maintenance contract have a priority treatment, commitment of first qualification in less than 4 hours in which many incidents are solved and commitment of assistance in less than 24 hours although for practical purposes and depending on the urgency we attend on the same day when the incident is reported, we also follow up your backups and take proactive actions in case of error, with the maintenance contract you can rest assured because Your computer system is in safe hands.



Simplified IT management

In a single contract we solve all your needs, the limit is up to you.

Always Updated

Our staff will advise you on the changes that need to be made at both hardware and software level. so that you are always up to the day.


To start with, we carry out an audit, implement corrective measures and preventative reviews, reducing the level of incidents and consequently the expenditure.


We advise you on risks, opportunities and improvements and help you make the best decisions for your business.


Our multidisciplinary team allows us to always apply the best solution with the most suitable resource.

Akron Family

We take care of our clients and provide them with all the resources we have to give the best response to each situation, because we are family.