A malwaredistribution campaign via SMS messages has been detected. The identified campaign has as a pretext to track a package through a Post Office application.

If you receive an SMS or any notification with these features, skip or delete it, never follow the link or download any app.

If you have downloaded and installed the app, your device may be falling victim to a Trojan that can steal your personal and financial information.

To disinfect the device, it is recommended to restore the device to the factory condition and use backups to restore the deleted information. Además, también es recomendable modificar las credenciales de acceso a cualquier servicio desde el que se haya accedido con el dispositivo infectado. Finally, whenever possible, enable double-factor authentication across all services that is feasible.

In some cases, the infected device sends repeated SMS messages to Premium services, so it is advisable to contact the carrier as soon as possible and disable them.

To avoid being a victim of this type of deception, we recommend following these tips:

Do not open emails from unknown or unsolicited users: delete them directly.

  • Do not reply to these emails under any circumstances.
  • Check the links before clicking, even if they are from known contacts.
  • Beware of shortened links.
  • Beware of attachments, even if they are from known contacts.
  • Always keep your operating system and antivirus updated. In the case of antivirus, check that it is active.
  • Make sure you always use robust passwords (which contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and some special characters).